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taste of something MUSIC

This is who we are...

Our artists and musicians are as unique as we are.  Taste of something music is a new record label based in New Jersey. Since its recent start in 2019, taste of something music's aim is introducing the musical world to compelling and eclectic bands and artists who are unafraid to take risks. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about who we are.

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New Featured Tracks

Give a listen to this atmospheric yet rhythmic song that puts the listener on a journey.  A track off of upcoming album, "Terraform"

B-boy and Adidas inspired jammy for back when boomboxes ruled the urban landscape. Heavy synth and break-beat rhythm. Track 2 off of "Lollibeats"

Middle-Eastern style instrumentals coupled with solid drum beat. Track 7 off of "Lollibeats"

Bursting snare, and throwback guitar melodies compliment this new BrickWindow track, off of their upcoming album, "Terraform"

Close your eyes and go back in time, newest track off of soon-to-be released album, "Lollibeats"

Grabs your attention right out the gate. This is the 1st track from BW's upcoming 2020 release, "Terraform"

A single off of Happy Little Accident's future release, "Lollibeats" 

Featured on marketing campaign for What Goes Around NYC.

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Keep track of the latest press releases, track reviews, album reviews and other newsworthy items.

  • BrickWindow announce release of full-length album, "Terraform"

  • Glasse Factory : Review of BrickWindow's "Disassociate"

  • A&R Factory : Review of BrickWindow's "Disassociate"

  • Happy Little Accidents announce full length album, "Lollibeats"

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Electronic Alternative band with Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Experimental roots.


Happy Little Accidents

Breakbeat, Lo-fi, Hip-hop.

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